We all love that new car smell. Stopping short of buying a new car every year, the next best thing is to give Kleanmaster a call and you can hold onto that glorious scent for longer.

Kleanmaster will dry clean or steam clean your cabin carpets as needed, sanitising and deodorising to achieve the perfect finish.


Door panels: We use a triangular brush equipped with a microfibre and switched to a low-intensity setting. This is moved vertically along the inside of the door panel.

Car seats: The same triangular brush is applied both horizontally and vertically across the surface of the seat. The steam that is used is capable of removing all dirt, stains and allergens from the car seats safely. This method can be used on cloth, leather and fake leather without risk of damage.

Carpets: These are steam cleaned in a manner that minimises drying time. Depending on any stains present, extraction methods may be employed to remove stubborn marks and residue.

Detailing: A steam lance is used, often with a small nozzle or plunger attached to it, to clean trims and door jams. This tool can also be used to clean cup holders, heating and cooling vents and the console.

The car interior cleaning technology we use at Kleanmaster is specially designed to reduce the time you are waiting for your car interior to dry, meaning you can get back on the road sooner with that new car look, feel and smell.