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Kleanmaster Melbourne, ensures the thorough cleaning of your carpet by the use of Steam Cleaning. This is an extraction system that utilises hot water. Sure enough, other cleaning methods may remove surface dirt, but our Kleanmaster technicians go one step further to make sure you get the best quality of service. We employ a steam cleaning process that eliminates the deepest of soil and dirt particles as well as all pet stains. All these actions freshen up the carpet texture. All your family will enjoy the benefits of having a rejuvenated carpet. The Kleanmaster team will tell you with exact details of the cleaning process and also respond to any uncertainties you may have, on the overall undertaking. We can assure that you’ll get the right kind of attention you deserve by choosing Kleanmaster. Any stubborn stains which are often impossible to remove easily come off when applying Kleanmaster. As a routine task, we deodorise carpets and rugs hence eradicating dust present within these items, leaving a fresh scent behind.

KleanMaster – Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

See Our Steam Carpet Cleaning Method Below

There is a host of ways in which to clean carpets by steam. The most common of these forms is a one- stage process. In it, a technician cleans the carpet with a portable machine containing a mixture of water and detergent. This is an old technique and does not incorporate any pre-spraying or agitation. Once you entrust your carpet to Kleanmaster however, we will apply at least four important stages in cleaning with steam. Unlike the one–step splash and dash method, the Kleanmaster application ensures no residues will remain behind, since our steam cleaning process involves rinsing of the carpet.

Stage One Carpet Cleaning

In this stage, Kleanmaster technicians will pre-spray your carpet or rug with a cleaning solution which is biodegradable.

Stage Two Carpet Cleaning

Secondly, we will perform rotary agitation on your carpet in order to separate soil particles while also removing spots and stains.

Stage three Carpet Cleaning

Kleanmaster treats any residual spots or stains during this stage leaving your item clean and without foreign objects.

Stage Four Carpet Cleaning

During this portion of cleaning, your carpet gets steam cleaned by extraction method using hot water.

Stage Five Carpet Cleaning

We then groom your carpet in order to streamline and erect fibres, thus presenting them in the upright posture.

Stage Six Carpet Cleaning

At last, Kleanmaster will ward off strange odours from your carpets and rugs by infusing a nice-scented deodoriser, making your items pleasant and ready to use.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne